NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool Strategy Guide

Full Playoff Guide Update Now Available

We've factored in the finalized match-ups in Round One.  We've projected the likely scenarios for Round Two.  We've taken into account the rash of injuries in the final week.  We've updated our projections, and we've reconfigured our rankings.  

The updated 2014 Fantasy Hockey Standard Playoff Guide is ready for Game One.

If you've already downloaded the first edition of the guide, it's essential that you log back in and secure the updated version.  Simply re-download the file, and you'll automatically receive the revised guide.  If you haven't yet gotten your hands on a copy, you'll receive the updated edition with your initial purchase.

The revised rankings and projections are located in the Cheat Sheets, and it's this updated list that should be deployed on draft night.  

We've also added essential injury information to the profiles.  The depth charts and power play units have received a make-over.  And, we've tossed in a few other gems, including our latest addition to the "Fantasy Years" series.

To all our readers, thanks for your support.  Enjoy the guide, and good luck on draft night.

NOTE: As of 9 pm EST on Monday, April 14th, we've issued one final update to address a few small fixes.  As usual, simply download the guide again to automatically get the most current version. 



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