NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool Strategy Guide

Fantasy Hockey Playoff Pool Strategy

At Fantasy Hockey Standard, we're as much about draft strategy as we are about player scouting. The two concepts go hand-in-hand. Our 2013 Playoff Pool Draft Guide is second to none when it comes to discussing the strategic fundamentals needed for success in the postseason, as well as the specific strategies you should apply when drafting from each NHL team bound for the playoffs.  

Here's an excerpt from our groundbreaking article "Playoff Draft Strategy" found exclusively in the guide:


In a way, a playoff hockey pool is a lot like a poker tournament.  Both are contests involving a large element of luck, many variables beyond the control of the participants, and enough strategy and skill to shape the outcome.  The best poker player or the smartest fantasy GM doesn’t win every time, but over a large enough sample size the person who makes the best decisions will always come out ahead. 

At Fantasy Hockey Standard, this is the philosophy we use when managing a team.  We attempt to maximize the quality of our decision-making in the short-term, to gain an edge on the competition over the long-run.  
As you read through our playoff strategy advice, keep in mind that every league is different and unique.  We can’t give you an exact strategy for every scoring or rule variation, but we can show you an overall approach that applies to almost any hockey pool format.  You’ll get the most out of our advice if you apply these concepts with some finesse, so be flexible and don’t be afraid to adapt for your specific situation...


Of course, that's not all you'll find in the 2013 Playoff Guide.  We offer ranked player profiles for forwards, defensemen, and goalies - with a full scouting report for each player - and we factor in everything from past playoff performances, to injuries, streaks and slumps leading into the postseason.   We also provide full team previews with a breakdown of each franchise's chances of making a run to the Cup, and we highlight the short and long-term trends of each roster.  We top it off with sleeper picks, more articles, further analysis, and our famous color-coded cheat sheets with scientific projections for the playoffs.  It's perfect for basic scoring leagues, hardcore poolies AND last minute drafters.

Plus, we're a digital magazine, meaning we can adapt on the fly.  Quite simply, we arm you with the most comprehensive playoff draft guide on the market.  

The 2013 Fantasy Hockey Standard Playoff Pool Guide is available now for instant download, and it includes a free update once the regular season ends and the final playoff bracket is set.  

Get yours today.

NoteFor playoff pool rule ideas, click here.

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