Enforcer Scoring for Fantasy Hockey Pools

If your pool doesn’t use enforcers it’s time to drop the gloves!  Some nerd in your league doesn’t think enforcers deserve recognition? Pull the jersey over his head and pummel him with his boring hockey pool yearbook!

Fantasy Hockey Standard brings you the goals and the goons, and we finally give the NHL’s best heavyweights the fantasy credit they deserve. Our 2011-12 Draft Guide is the only publication to offer complete fantasy rankings and full profiles of the league’s top 30 enforcers. We break down everything you need to know about their potential to rack up penalties, pile up fights, and stay in the line-up despite modest hockey skills.

Incorporating an enforcer into your hockey pool is easy. For basic leagues, we recommend using a scoring system of 0.2 or 0.25 pts/PIM and 2 points/major penalty. We also recommend designating one special enforcer roster spot that only accumulates points in these categories (no points for goals and assists), and we recommend NOT awarding penalty points to the rest of the players on your roster. These stipulations ensure that devious owners can’t use scorers in the enforcer position, and also guarantee that goons (we use the term endearingly) are fantasy relevant in a way that parallels the real life NHL. The whole point is to employ one actual enforcer, simulating the special role they play in the real world, while having them score a reasonable amount of fantasy points.

Sure, hat-tricks and OT goals are exciting, but you don’t know what fantasy hockey is until you’ve screamed at your TV as your enforcer takes apart some baby-faced wafer. Fantasy Hockey Standard punches you in the face with a fantasy perspective, and we’re the best source for enforcer rankings and profiles anywhere.