3 Assists for Streit

Standard Spin: Even though Mark Streit recorded 3 helpers in the Islanders 5-1 win over Detroit on Tuesday, he is still off his usual pace and will be lucky to finish with 40 points on the season.  After missing all of last year due to injury, Streit has not shown the same goal scoring prowess he displayed prior.  From 2008-2010, Streit had 27 goals in 156 games for a 0.17 goals/game average (which isn't bad for D-man), this year his goal/game average is 0.05 with 2 in 40 games.  Unless the second half demonstrates a resurgence - which is very well likely based on Streit's past - his worth as an offensive D-man is diminished greatly.  Keeper owners: Streit is probably worth monitoring right through to the end season, and even into the beginning of next year, although if a solid trade offer were to come in, we would be tempted to pull the trigger in favor of something more stable. (Jan.11)