Radulov Rumors

Standard Spin: A recent article by a Nashville newspaper makes the case that Alexander Radulov could return to the Predators before the end of the season.  Radulov is the reigning MVP of the KHL and is considered the best player not currently playing in the NHL.  (Source)

It's a long-shot that we'll see him in a Nashville jersey this season, but some interesting points are raised.  Most compelling is that Radulov could fulfill his contractual obligations to the Predators by appearing in just one game, thus becoming an unrestricted free agent at season's end.  

Radulov's return to the NHL seems like more of a "when" than an "if" and he needs to put in his time with the Preds before he can land a big contract.  Now seems like as good a time as any, as his KHL contract is also up.  Nashville is a contender this year, and Radulov would give them the big offensive boost they're looking for.  He still owns a home in Nashville and has remained friends with Ryan Suter and Shea Weber.  It's likely that Nashville would welcome him back with open arms, so the ball is really in Radulov's court.  

If he does return, fantasy owners will be falling all over themselves trying to get him.  Radulov has superstar potential and will generate a big splash, so the time to grab him is before news of a return comes down.  If you happen to have an extra bench spot at your disposal and feel like playing a long-shot, strike now.  However, know that these rumors have swirled several years in a row, and we would place the chances of a return this season at less than 10%.  (2/13/12)