Crosby Still Limited to Light Exercise

Standard Spin: A tweet from @PensInsideScoop Tuesday indicates that Sidney Crosby is currently limited to light exercise.  Crosby has now missed 12 games since his concussion symptoms returned and there's no end in sight.  Considering how cautious the Pens have been, and considering how long it took previously for Crosby to go from light exercise, to skating, to live action, it's safe to say he won't be back any time in the near future.  Will he make it back before the end of the season?  It's impossible to know, but we'll put the odds below 50% at this point.  

So what should Crosby owners do?  Well, maybe take a Tylenol and pour yourself a drink.  Crosby won't fetch fair value in a trade, but he's too valuable to cut, both in keeper or re-draft formats.  The only thing to do is wait...  (Jan.10)