'Markovenstein' Liveth!

(3/11/12) He hasn't played for over a year and a half, and that was only for 7 games.  If we tally it all up, Markov has been out of the NHL for more like two and a half full seasons.  Apparently the Canadiens found some high octane gasoline and fuel injector cleaner that got this old clunker to finally turn over.  

Jokes aside, Markov's recovery from knee surgery is complete.  He traveled west with the team and his return to the lineup was tight-lipped right until the pre-game skate.  He managed to kick most of the rust off after the first period, and even picked up an assist on PK Subban's power play goal in the third period.  

We expect Markov to see big minutes in all offensive situations over the final month of the season.  If you have him, put him in.  If he's on your waiver wire and you need a defenseman, pick him up.  Regardless of his status over the past year plus, Markov is the Habs' #1 blueliner and the Canadiens have tons of confidence in him.  They resigned Markov to a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract last summer - despite being in the middle of rehab.  In his last full season he recorded 64 points, and he's still only 33.