N. Grossman Dealt to Flyers, Sharks Acquire D. Moore

(2/17/12) The Flyers acquired defenseman Niklas Grossman and a 7th round pick in 2012 from Dallas in exchange for a 2nd rounder in 2012 and a 3rd rounder in 2013 on Thursday.  It's not exactly the earth-shattering blockbuster everyone is waiting for, but it's... something.  

Grossman is a steady, stay-at-home defenseman.  His 96-hits and 100-blocks put him amongst the top 40 at his position in both categories, so he has a modest amount of value in leagues that use the defensive stats, but that's where the production ends.  He has only 5-assists and has not scored a goal in 52-starts this season, and he doesn't take many penalties or get off many shots.  Throw in a neutral plus-minus rating and he's not a very exciting player.  

Now that he's with Philly, he's no doubt in a better situation from a fantasy perspective.  That being said, he's not the type of player to really take advantage.  Sure, he'll probably pick-up an extra assist here and there thanks to the fact that the Flyers lead the league in goals scored, but about the best thing we can expect is that his plus-minus number could improve.  The Flyers have a +18 goal differential, as opposed to -13 for the Stars, not to mention they have an easier time of it in the Eastern Conference.  

In other trade news, the Sharks sent a 2nd round pick in 2012 - previously acquired from Minnesota - to the Lightning for Dominic Moore.  Moore feels like a good fit for the Sharks, as he brings plenty of grit and intensity, qualities that the team has been criticized for lacking in the playoffs the last several seasons.  He's also excellent in the face-off circle, giving the team some extra insurance in that area. From a fantasy standpoint, he's still a bottom-six forward who's more of an agitator than a scorer.  He might be temporarily energized and score a few extra goals with the Sharks, but he wasn't really fantasy relevant with the Stars, and we don't expect that to change with a new address.