Doan Suspended, Keith Likely

(3/23/12) The Shanahammer has lowered the boom once again. Shane Doan has been suspended for three games for his hit to the head on Jamie Benn. Doan is next eligible to play on March 29th. The good news for Benn owners is that the Stars' forward (as of yet) is not reported injured.

In addition, the consensus is that Duncan Keith will receive a fairly hefty suspension for his elbow to the head on Daniel Sedin, especially now that it has been revealed that Sedin has a concussion. The Keith elbow is exactly the sort of thing that the NHL is trying to get out of the game. It appears that the fierce Vancouver/Chicago rivalry got the better of Keith, and he lost perspective. The hit was clearly over the line. The suspension should come down soon, meaning Keith should be replaced in active rosters.