New Super Line in CHI

(3/10/12) With Jonathan Toews out of the line-up with a concussion, Blackhawks' coach Joel Quenneville has decided to put all his eggs in one basket.  He's loaded the top line with his 3 best players: Kane, Sharp and Hossa.  Friday they were a big reason why the Blackhawks won 4-3, scoring the tying goal and then sealing the victory with an empty-netter.  All three forwards finished with 2 points.  

With Toews in the line-up the Blackhawks are forced to 'double down' and split their top 4 players on to 2 lines.  From a fantasy perspective this stinks; one super line, made up of any three of these 4 players, is obviously a potent proposition.  Fortunately, Kane, Hossa and Sharp fantasy owners get to lap it up right now while Toews is sidelined.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

Rangers game notes: Anisimov scored his 14th, and Brad Richards got the Blue Shirts within one, with less than a minute to go, on a goal from Hagelin and Gaborik.