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NHL Roster Update: Doan, Nash, Mueller, Wolski, Selanne

(7/12/12) The flow of free agency signings slowed to a trickle after the first crazy week of action, but things have picked up a little again over the last couple of days.

The oft-injured Peter Mueller signed a one-year, $1.75 million deal with the Panthers yesterday.  Perhaps the talented winger can become another Florida free agent success story, but he'll be a highly risky fantasy choice in '12-13.  He's missed most of the last two seasons to concussions, and every time he takes the ice he's one hit from nap time.  

It also surfaced that Derek Roy, recently acquired by the Dallas Stars, had shoulder surgery this week and is out until November.  It doesn't completely kill his fantasy value - he'll likely miss about 8-10 games - but the news definitely puts a dent in his status.  Roy won't be able maintain his conditioning through the offseason, which probably will lead to a slow start when he does return, and we expect he may not really get going until the new year.  He's always been a favorite of ours, but we'll let another owner be the one to sit around waiting for him...

Meanwhile, the Capitals added Wojtek Wolski to their stable of underachievers, signing the 26-year-old to a one year deal worth $600K.  Wolski has always shown tantalizing flashes of his ability, but he's never put it together on a consistent basis... in other words, he should fit right in!

On the Shane Doan watch, the Coyotes captain pushed his deadline for a decision back to at least July 16, so it's still up in the air whether he'll return to Phoenix or start a new chapter.  It would almost be easier to list the teams not in the mix for Doan, but the Canucks, Red Wings, Sharks, and Kings may have the inside track.  If we had to guess, we'll say the mostly like scenario is that Doan returns to the desert.  He's fiercely loyal to the Coyotes organization, and the fact that he's waited this long signals to us that he doesn't really want to leave.

As well, the Rick Nash sweepstakes appears to be down to a short-list of six teams - the Rangers, Flyers, Sharks, Red Wings, Bruins, and Penguins - but the Blue Jackets are holding their cards close to the vest and patiently waiting for the best possible deal, so a trade could go down any moment, but nothing is imminent at this point.

And this just in... Teemu Selanne has committed to play another season, signing a one-year deal to return to the Ducks.  It will be his 20th season in the NHL!  Last year he led Anaheim in scoring.