Ovechkin to Skip All-star Game

Standard Spin: Alex Ovechkin will skip the All-star game, telling reporters Tuesday, "I love the game.  It's a great event.  I'd love to be there, but I'm suspended.  I don't want to be a target.  I don't feel like I deserve to be there right now.  If I'm suspended, I have to be suspended."  

A target of what, exactly?  Does he think someone is going to blow him up in the pillow fight that is the All-star game?  Does he not want to be a media distraction for his teammates during such a critical "fantasy" matchup?  The only real argument here is that he doesn't deserve to play while suspended, but that's something for the NHL to decide on, and obviously the league deemed it okay for him to participate.  As fans, we just want to see Ovie out there, and putting on an exhibition of the incredible skills he's squandering this year would be the least he could do for us fantasy owners.  (Jan.24)