Radulov: Are You Ready to React?

(3/16/12) Alexander Radulov abandoned the Nashville Predators way back in 2008 (hard to believe it's been that long) after producing a breakout campaign of 26 goals and 58 points in 81 games.  Since then, hockey scout spies from behind the iron curtain have sent back cryptic messages regarding his play.  "Magician," "savvy. . . cagey" (USAToday.com) are all words that have been used.

Radulov is the undisputed best player in the KHL.  Over the past 2 years, in 104 games, he's put up 44 goals and 143 points.   And now, there is consensus building that he could be back with Nashville in time for the 2012 playoffs, which would add a considerable offensive weapon to an already solid Nashville team that currently sits 9th in NHL goal scoring.  The only thing stopping Radulov is KHL contractual obligations through April 30th.  Heads up for playoff pools and keeper league GMs.

This has the feel of an old communist escape drama.  We say, throw him in the back of a buggy, cover him in hay, and ask Gary Bettman to dress in drag and pose as an old Ukranian woman to drive Radulov past the guard tower.