Fantasy Scoring Option: The Goalie Assist

(3/19/12) With 3 goalies collecting assists on Saturday, it is an opportune time to discuss an underused goalie stat in fantasy hockey pools: the goalie assist.  Saturday Peter Budaj, Corey Schneider and Steve Mason each collected a helper.

Although not totally uncommon, the goalie assist is infrequent enough to be utilized in scoring systems.  In the Fantasy Hockey Standard house league, the goalie assist is awarded 1 point for the assist, plus one bonus point, for a total of 2.  It's a way of rewarding goalies with better than average puck handling abilities, as goalies who are less skilled in this area tend to pick up fewer assists, if any, over the course of the season.  Tracking goalie assists provides but one more piece of fantasy minutia to consider on draft day, and is easily calculated by most hockey pool websites.

Of course, the goalie goal - the most improbable play in hockey - should also be accounted for.  That's a 5 point play in the FHStandard home game.  Check out this montage of goalie goals from various sports: