Luongo Falters, Schneider Takes Over... Again

(4/4/12) Roberto Luongo let in four goals on 15 shots against the Ducks Tuesday before yielding to Cory Schneider, who of course shut the door the rest of the way and kept the Canucks in the game long enough to earn a 5-4 shootout win.  The fans cheered loudly as Luongo was pulled, the media is all over Bobby Lou today, and Luongo suddenly seems mired in one of his mental funks.  He's also been bothered by a stiff neck the last week...  too much looking over his shoulder?  

It's easy to call for the back-up quarterback, but Schneider is playing incredibly well, and the Canucks seem to have a little extra jump in their step when he's between the pipes - Luongo is 5-3-2 in his last 10 with 26 goals allowed, Schneider is 7-2-1 with 12 goals allowed.  

Luongo will get the first nod in the playoffs, but all signs point to an epic collision of forces.  Regardless of whether the Canucks want to admit it, a decision about the entire identity of the franchise is looming if and when Luongo falters.  Schneider will likely get a start somewhere along the way, and if Schneider plays well and earns the victory, then what?  Can you go back to Luongo?  

Long story short, if you draft the Italian Stallion in your playoff pool, make sure to handcuff Schneider, even if you have to reach a little.