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NHL Rumors: Nash, Doan, Luongo, Bernier, the CBA

(7/18/12) It's now mid-summer, officially the NHL's slow season for writers, and while the real news has ground to a halt, the rumor mill is churning at full speed.  

The Red Wings are the source of much of the speculation as they try desperately to make a splash this offseason, after missing out on the Ryan Suter/Zach Parise sweepstakes.  According to Pro Hockey Talk, the Wings made what is believed to be the best offer for Rick Nash thus far, but the Jackets are reluctant to accept due to the fact the two teams play in the same division.  Columbus GM Scott Howson is remaining patient in hopes that a better deal will come down the pipe, but it's believed that the market has gone a little cold and that most of the offers are already on the table.

Along with a number of other suitors, Detroit is also waiting on Shane Doan - the Canucks, Rangers, Sharks, Kings, Penguins, Canadiens and Sabres are in the mix as well - although the most likely scenario seems to be that Doan will re-sign with the Coyotes.  His reluctance to ink a new deal indicates he's waiting for the Coyotes' ownership situation to settle before making a commitment, and it also signals his heart remains in the desert.  With that said, he may decide the foundation in Phoenix isn't stable and sign on with another team before long, but one NHL GM recently told ESPN's Craig Custance that he's 90% sure Doan will re-up with the Coyotes.  

Meanwhile, the rumor out of Toronto is that the Leafs have a trade offer on the table to the Kings for goaltender Jonathan Bernier.  Bernier's name has also been linked to the Blue Jackets, and it's not surprising he's drawing interest as he's one of the league's best back-ups and is stuck behind starter Jonathan Quick.  Who knows whether there's any merit to the report, but the Leafs are definitely in the market for a goalie, and Bernier might be a good fit.  Just don't shut the door on those Luongo rumors yet...

Speaking of Roberto Luongo​, all is quiet on the trade front for now.  The Leafs are a logical fit, while the Blackhawks and Panthers are the other teams believed to have shown interest.  All in all, it would seem negotiations have reached a stalemate.  No team wants to offer the Canucks very much for a 33-year old with a huge contract, especially knowing the Canucks are motivated to deal.  And the Canucks are playing the waiting game, not wanting to let Luongo go for nothing, while hoping some team will become desperate and meet their asking price.  

And of course, when it comes to rumors... there's also the elephant in the room.  The league and the player's association are meeting today to continue to discuss a new CBA, and the early reports are that the two sides are a long way apart.  It's not quite time to sound the alarm just yet, but more and more voices are beginning to wonder if the season might be delayed.  And well, if it is, Fantasy Hockey Standard has you covered.  Our 2012-13 Draft Guide magazine will be available in PDF form mid-August, and we'll be updating it through the offseason.  The newsstand magazines will be completely out of date if there's any delay, but we'll have you prepared for your draft whether it's in October or January.