Leafs Axe Wilson, Name Carlyle Coach

(3/2/12) Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Ronald L. Wilson... you're dead to us.  That's the sentiment Leafs fans are expressing at this point, as the city of Toronto is celebrating the firing of Wilson like a house just fell on the wicked witch.  

For fantasy owners, we definitely understand the reasoning and the timing, although we're left a little apprehensive considering the Leafs already sit eighth in goals-per-game, and that Kessel and Lupul have exploded this season under Wilson's watch.

As for a replacement, the Leafs announced former Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle as their new bench boss.  Carlyle led the Ducks to a Stanley Cup in 2007 with none other than the White Wizard serving as GM, and the pair now reunite in Toronto to try and do it again.  

Of note, Carlyle coached Joffrey Lupul in Anaheim and the pair had a bit of a strained relationship.  After Lupul left for Toronto last season he lamented his lack of opportunity in Anaheim saying, "he (Carlyle) said he didn't think I had the skill to play left wing in this league being on my off side...  So he wasn't going to give me that opportunity here."  

Lupul has come a long way since then, so let's hope the two can leave any bitterness in the past.  And since there aren't many opportunities for Randy Carlyle highlights, let's enjoy watching him get beat up by Brian Sutter circa 1981.