Backstrom's Progress Slow

Standard Spin: Nicklas Backstrom's recovery from a concussion he suffered Jan. 3 is proving to be a slow process.  Backstrom was quoted in an interview with a Swedish news outlet, translated by Japers' Rink, saying he hopes to make it back for the playoffs.

Backstrom said of his recovery, "I don't do much.  Basically I have spent much of my time on the couch, napping and resting.  Sometimes I've been at the practice rink, but I try to stay away from it as much as possible."   

It doesn't sound very good for his prospects of returning to make a fantasy impact before the end of the season.  With only two months left, owners have a difficult decision to make in regards to whether or not to cut Backstrom at this point.  If you need the roster spot to help you stay in contention, go ahead and pull the trigger.  Even if Backstrom suddenly makes a faster than expected recovery his conditioning will no doubt be a factor, and the chances seem to be increasing that he won't return at all.  (2/9/12)