Hecht Concussed Again

Standard Spin: Sabres forward Jochen Hecht is out with a concussion, his third in less than a year.  Head coach Lindy Ruff told reporters after the game, "he's not good.  He's got concussion symptoms.  Wasn't feeling bad (Monday).  He took a hit from Oshie in St. Louis, kind of an elbow - came off (Tuesday) and he was a mess.  He couldn't focus.  Emotionally, he was really unstable.  He's in a tough place right now.  We're worried... To come off and be the way he was tells you that there's something wrong." 

Hecht isn't likely to be in many fantasy lineups, but any fringe value he had in deeper leagues is now completely gone.  Expect him to need several weeks of recovery at minimum, and know that it could very well be longer. (Jan.25)