Mike Green Skates

Standard Spin: According to the Washington Post, Mike Green skated for an hour Monday, his longest session on the ice since undergoing sports hernia surgery Jan. 17th.  At the time of the procedure it was expected Green would be out 4-6 weeks, and while the latest news is positive, we don't think there's any reason to adjust that timeframe at this point.  (SOURCE)

Even if Green does return early, fantasy owners can't feel confident in his ability to stay healthy.  He's played only 10-games this year, and he's already tried to come back from this injury once.  The last two seasons have produced a litany of ailments, and we even recommended cutting him as recently as a few weeks ago.  

Of course, Green is so talented there is some chance he could come back and be productive.  We wouldn't blame any owner still holding out hope and keeping him on the bench.  And we wouldn't question anyone who picked him up off the wire in hopes of a miracle finish.  It depends on your situation.  If you can afford the roster spot, give him a shot.  If not, don't waste any more time on him.  (2/13/12)