Kane and Toews Click; Panthers all Quiet

Standard Spin: It is the dreaded return of the historical average!  Look out fantasy GMs, he will eat up your gains and drive up the totals of the poolies lingering beneath you in the standings (or vice versa, in fact the historical average may be a godsend.) 

Patrick Kane is one of these players who just can't keep stinking it up the way he has for much longer.  All told, he will have a down year, but Friday night he and Jonathan Toews each had 1G and 1A to lead the Blackhawks to a 3-1 home win over the suddenly not so great Florida Panthers.  Kane currently represents a "buy-low" opportunity.  Of note: Marian Hossa grabbed his 32nd assist on the year.

Speaking of historical averages, the dynamic trio of Versteeg, Fleischmann and Weiss remains silent, as we discussed in our editorial article last week.  Except now, their recent totals are even worse: Versteeg has 1 point in his last 9 games, Weiss has 3 points in his last 11, and Fleischmann has 4 points in his last 17 games - yikes!  All three deserve a fantasy benching, if nothing else but to send a message that this is unacceptable. (Jan.21)