Konopka On Pace for Massive PIM Total

Standard Spin: With 99 PIMs in only 23 games, Zenon Konopka's PIM/game rate is currently at 4.3/game.  At this pace, Konopka would top the 350 PIM total if he could manage to play in all 82 games, but he has already missed 6 contests out of a possible 29 and will likely miss another 10 games (a big down swing from his 82 games last year).  Nonetheless, Konopka is delivering for fantasy owners once again - also leading the league with 11 major penalties thus far.  Zac Rinaldo has been the big surprise: his 91 PIMS and 7 majors in 23 games as a rookie are turning hockey pool heads across North America. (Dec.9)