Lars Eller Scores 4 Goals for Habs

Standard Spin: Habs' F Lars Eller came into Wednesday's game against the Sens with 4 goals this season.  By the end of the game he doubled that and added an assist for a 5 point night.  The cherry on top came with 11 minutes left in the third when Eller was awarded a penalty shot.  He skated in, conjured Denis Savard, pulled the perfect spin-o-rama, and toppled over Chris Mason as the crowd went bananas.  It was just one of those nights where everything went Eller's way.  Is he worth picking up for your fantasy team though?  Well, you be the judge, but we don't think this is necessarily a sign that Eller is blowing up.  He's going to have to show some consistency before we put any faith in him, although he has seen increased ice-time as of late.  (Jan.5)