Mike Green Set for Surgery

Standard Spin: Is Caps' D-man Mike Green droppable at this point?  It depends on your exact situation, but we think it's probably time to take the unfortunate step and show him door.  It's almost unthinkable that another season is lost to injury, but that looks like where this is going...

After sitting out most of the year with what we were told was a groin injury, Green will reportedly now have surgery on his abdomen.  The Caps have obviously not been forth-coming with the true nature of the injury thus far, and the exact procedure Green will undergo remains undisclosed.  We do know he's out at least 4-6 weeks - he's already on long-term IR and ineligible to return until February 1st - and judging by how things have gone, he could even be done for the year.

If you can afford the dead weight on your roster, cross your fingers and keep Green around, but if you're in a fight for a championship, it's probably time to cut ties and grab a player with a better chance to contribute.  (Jan.17)