Monster a Nightmare for Reimer Owners

Standard Spin: Jonas Gustavsson moved into the Leafs' starting position when James Reimer went down with injury early in the season and, even though Reimer is back, Gustavsson has regained the pole position.  Gustavsson (13-8-0) started his 5th straight on Friday, and lost for the first time in that span. 

Reimer (8-5-4) started the season hot going 5-0-1 (after finishing last year hot as well), but was pedestrian upon his return from injury going 3-5-3.  Reimer owners are kicking themselves and have likely already picked up Gustavsson, or are at least contemplating it.

Gustavsson has been highly touted as a "monster" between the pipes for some time, and it finally looks like he is living up to the billing.  He's using his size (6'3") and playing with confidence.  But, from a fantasy perspective this monster is a nightmare and he's making a mess out of the Toronto goaltending situation.  The Leafs are winning, but without a clearcut #1, hockey pool GMs are hard pressed to take advantage of it, unless they're in a league that allows for daily substitutions. (Jan.14)