Rick Nash on the Block

Standard Spin: Up to now, it's been Jeff Carter's name that has surfaced out of Columbus as the source of trade speculation, but suddenly Rick Nash is at the heart of the rumors.  And this is one scenario where the roar is credible, as Columbus is confirmed to have indeed engaged in trade talks over their superstar.

However, this move doesn't make much sense to us.  Nash would no doubt fetch a king's ransom of picks and prospects for the Blue Jackets in return, but he's the heart and soul of the team and the face of the franchise.  Without their one-man-wrecking-ball, where would the Jackets be?  Still in Columbus?  Nash is only 27 and he's the type of player a team can build a franchise around, and if Columbus were to trade him, they'd just be right back back looking for a player to build the franchise around.  

With that said, we're salivating at the thought of Nash playing for another team and what it would mean to his fantasy value.  The Kings, Rangers, Leafs, Flyers, Sharks and Canucks have been mentioned as possible suitors, and any of those teams would represent an upgrade in surroundings for Nash - Columbus sits 28th in goals-per-game.

It's far from a done deal though, as Nash is locked into a long-term contract and Columbus has no pressure to make a move before the deadline.  It will only happen if a contending team decides to go all-in on this season.  If you own Nash, hang onto him and hope for a deal.  If you don't, now would be a good time to trade for him as his value would increase with any move.  (2/14/12)