Rookie Atkinson Records Hat Trick

(4/6/12) Cam Atkinson recorded a hat trick in Columbus' 5-2 win over a dejected Colorado team on Thursday.  The story is going to get buried beneath all of the playoff news, but Atkinson should be flagged for the 2012-13 season - although he will no longer have rookie status.  In 26 games this year, he now has 5G and 6A (3G and 3A in his last 5 GP), and he's taken a healthy number of shots (15 in his last 5 games).

Some background stats: Atkinson was drafted 157th in 2008 after an excellent high school career.  He then played for the Boston College Eagles for 3 years, recording 124 points in 107 games.  He had 29 goals and 44 points in 50 games this 2011-12 season in the AHL.  Something about this guy feels like he needs to be stashed on a keeper team's prospect bench.