Vid: Bouchard Dealing with Concussion... Again

Standard Spin: Wild F Pierre-Marc Bouchard is suffering from concussion symptoms and is out of the line-up indefinitely.  Bouchard has a history of multiple concussions, and he's missed significant time - he sat out all but one game in 09-10 and then missed 23 games in 10-11 - over the last couple of years.  Bouchard said he didn't feel right after a hit - watch it below - by Zach Bogosian last month, and another hit during the game may have also contributed.  The good news is that his symptoms aren't as severe this time around, but it's still very concerning considering his history.  If you own Bouchard, unfortunately it's time to cut him.  He's not productive enough to warrant taking up a dead spot on your bench, and if he does come back sooner than later you can probably grab him again anyway.