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Video: Shanahan Breaks Down Marchand Suspension

Standard Spin: Brad Marchand is suspended for the next 5 games for a dangerously low hit he delivered to the knees of Vancouver's Sami Salo on Saturday.  It's cliche, but Marchand is one of those guys you love to have on your team, but you hate to play against.  And it's the same in the fantasy realm.  If you drafted him, you love the guy.  If you didn't, you don't want to be facing him.  Marchand is one of only 3 players with 30 or more points combined with 60+ PIMs so far this season - Scott Hartnell and Milan Lucic are the others.  This time he crossed the line, but it's his aggression and intimidation that make him such a force.  

Here's Brendan Shanahan breaking down the hit and his reasoning for the suspension...