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Backes Disarms Sabres

Standard Spin: David Backes was an offensive juggernaut on Saturday, contributing directly to every St.

Rick Nash's Wish List

(2/16/12) There are five teams on the approved list as possible trade destinations for Rick Nash - he has a no-trade

Sullivan Streaking

(3/1/12) Penguins forward Steve Sullivan scored his 12th goal of the year Wednesday in a 4-3 shootout win over the St

Two More for Stamkos

(4/3/12) Steve Stamkos notched two more goals Monday - his 57th and 58th of the season - continuing his assault on th

Zajac Back in Business

(5/2/12) Travis Zajac scored his fifth goal of the playoffs Tuesday, and he now sits tied for 7th in postseason scori